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Prolapse of Rectum

In India prolapse of the rectum is common in the younger population more in males. Any operation through the space between the rectum and sacrum is likely to be potentially risky to develop urinary or erectile dysfunction. Last 25 years we practice perineal repair for the complete prolapse of the rectum and implemented in 473 cases with 2% recurrence.


Anterior incision in male, A curvilinear incision from one ishchial tuber city to other one going through perinea body is taken. In the perineal body was opened by an artery clamp and hiatus between two levators was opened. Dononviller fascia was opened & rectum was freed. The anterior space between the rectum & prostate is create.



In female posterior calporrhapy incision is taken and a space posterior vaginal wall & the rectum was created. A mid line 10 Cm. long incision was taken from out skirts of external sphincter to coccyx and onwards. The ano coccygeal ligament was cut and space between the rectum & sacrum is explored.





In supra levator region at the distance of 5-7 mm. between the two ligatures: four ligatures put. Two ends each ligature was emerged from either side of the rectum in the posterior space. One ligature at ano rectal junction and one in the deep part of external sphincter was put





First four ligatures in supra levator space tied not to constrict or narrow the rectum but same circumference of the rectum




There were two ends of each ligature after tie. Each one of them was brought out on either side of the coccyx and lower part of sacrum.

These ends were fixed to the sacrum and coccyx. The ligature at the anorectal junction tied without constricting it. In similar way ligature at the external sphincter tied without any constriction. The levator ani muscles repaired and hiatus closed